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- by Napdust - by Napdust
im so sorry orz i love love all the submissions to this but 
im not sure show to judge this contest 
and i want to ask people if theyll help me but 
i don't like asking for help when it comes to literally anything,
not even simple things like can u please get me a glass of water orz 
i panic and 

i don't know ok? so so much has happened these past few months and
living is generally difficult to do right now and, 
i shouldn't have let this drag out for so long 

im very awkward and hesitant with these and also raffles 
it feels like im choosing my favorites? 
even if its a randomly generated number from a website
so i feel uncomfortable doing this orz 

im so sorry orz i really am 

if anyone wants to try and band people together to judge this for me 
i would be open to that 

it just has to be organized and stuff and nonbiased and stuff ya know? 

but i can't handle dealing with this right now or any time soon orz  im so sorry okay i know everyone tried 

info for people who don't know what this is: 
this was a write to adopt for this creature ^ 
the theme was sans/papyrus, or undertale in general i suppose 

the prize was this creature 
and 500 pts

im ok with handing this contest to someone else if anyone is up for it 
again im so sorry.. 

i can handle my commissions though, they're a different type of task than this, much easier for me to deal with 

so don't worry about that orz 
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invaderMaythe1st Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shit, I never noticed this didn't actually send??
I'm gonna try anyway, since I wrote this like 5 days ago |D

Walking through the snow, feeling the crunch of the fresh snow below my slippers... The light pink becoming dark pink in little splotches, snow falling onto my cold, hairless, head....

You may have thought that skeletons could not cry, and maybe that's true, but there is something coming from my eye socket.
It's probably just melted snow, but... It feels right.
Despite not having a body, I feel like it's been shook, been destroyed... I wish it was me.
Pulling the Orange material up to where my nose would be, I felt the familiar comfort of my brother...
He's not here anymore.
I need to move on, I don't have time to grieve with that killer on the lose but...

Falling to the ground, I'm on all fours.
There's more liquid... It's glowing blue.. I see it, through my blurry darkened vision.
It's glowing in the snow, the snow is melting from the heat too... This blue liquid is denser than water itself, as it's floating on top of the warmed liquids.
Wiping my cheek, my hand gets covered in thick globs of it. Stretching it with my thumb and index bones, I notice it's got a rubber like consistency, even if I can't feel it properly. I do have no nerves after all.

"Papyrus..." I whisper out loud, seeing the bright mounds of this new chemical on his scarf.
My vision blurs more and the globs grow quicker.
I feel a wave of peace wash against me.
Is this death?
I hope so...

'Papyrus? Papyrus! Stop running with those chemicals, you know they are dangerous!' Gaster calls out, causing the lanky skeleton to let out of a 'Nyeh' of disappointment.
Laughing, Sans mixes a few different test tubes together, causing a small puff of smoke to come from the mixture.
'Seems to be working, G," The shorter called out, from across the room.
'Good, Papyrus, hand Sans those will you?' The damaged father-like skeleton said.
Papyrus, being a child, enjoyed helping out, but he had not a single idea what was happening.
Sans, being all too aware, took the chemicals with masses of hesitation.
'Are you sure this is gonna work?' It was clear this one wasn't.
'Of course, Sans, don't worry about me,' The male had a determined look on his face. 'This entire experiment fills me with determination, don't you see?' He asked, raising a fist in excitement and emphasis.
'Yes, Sir.' The smaller replied, unable to argue, though still letting the feeling of worry take over him. Mixing the chemicals into the new concoction, causing another puff of smoke, along with a tiny explosion.
'Ha, guess it's ready,' Sans said, grinning at his mentor.
'Great, let me get ready too. Oh Sans, this is going to be ground breaking! Hurry, not a moment to wait!' The tallest exclaimed, and climbed into his machine.
Sans knew what he had to do, but he had anxious emotions filling him each step closer he took.

Moments after pouring the 'medicine' into the shining silvery tubes, Gaster began calling out in anguish.
It took no less than a second for Sans to react, using his taught powers to pull off the doors hinges, and pull Gaster out.
There was no Gaster.

Panicking, he ran around the room, looking for him.
"G? Gaster? Sir? Where are you?!" He screamed.
"Sans? I'm right here!" A booming voice.. But it echoed... That's strange, it had never echo'd in this room before.
The room seemed greyer now.
Static like.
Lifting his hands, Gaster saw the holes, and looked all around him, his once grin turning into a panicked open mouthed sadness.
"Papyrus? Sans?! Can't you hear me?!" He yelled, grabbing Sans and trying to shake him, but.... Nothing happened. He didn't move his arms, despite how much it felt he was, and Sans didn't move.
"Gaster... No... I knew I shouldn't have let you go through with this..." Sans whimpered, unknowing that Gaster could hear.
Papyrus, hiding under a chair, had orange liquid seeping down his face, while he shook in fear, his bones rattling. Sans knew he was the parental figure now. Taking in a deep breath, despite not needing to, Sans pushed all his fear and pain down. Now was no time to mourn the dead, and he knew that.
Reaching under the table, he picked up Papyrus' hand, and wiped the goop from his face. 'Hey chump, don't cry, his plan worked, I just forgot he is supposed to be invisible! He's going to prank people, y'see?' The skeleton, clearly lying, tricked his brother nonetheless.
Smiling, Papyrus gained a moments of happiness, 'Let me try! I want to scare people.'
Sans, giving a very forced laugh, gently pat the child on the head. 'We have none left, sorry kid. Anyway, let's go home, maybe Gaster is already gone, he can't talk here in case someone found out.'
And with that they left...

That night was the last time I cried.

Waking up to a face full of snow and scarf, I ripped myself off the ground and lifted myself up.
That child is the reason I'm crying, feeling emotion again.
It's been a long time since all that happened, and now I'm reliving it.
We never did find out what happened to Gaster.... At least I know what happened to Papyrus.
A hand clicking against my forehead, tears dripping some more...
"I have to stop them, before they hurt anyone else."
Using my strength as much as I could, I jumped into a portal.

----Some time later----

The crunches in the snow, the sound of a stick tapping against a bare leg, the mushroom shaped brown passing the window.
The time is now.

"It's a beautiful day outside, don't you think?" I asked, looking down at my pink slippers, kicking some of the broken floor to the side.
The child, of course, did not respond.
It was never told to us why, but they never spoke.
Now I know why, they are a cold blooded murderer.
"You've been busy, huh? So, I've got a question for ya."
The child merely nodded in a response, a small twitch to the corner of their constantly pursed lips.
"Do you think even the worst person can change...?" I asked, looking at a broken shard of tile on the floor, and kicking it backwards. "That everyone can be a good person, if they just try?" My eye, growing a little hot now, began to glow. I doubt the child could see this, though I'm not sure, their eyes.... Look like skeleton sockets, to me.
Involuntarily, I laughed at the none response the yellow-skinned human gave, "Alright, do you wanna have a bad time?"
This gained me an eyebrow raise, which is exactly what I wanted as I continued, "Cause if you take... Another step forward.... You are really not going to like what happens next."
Pushing a smile to my face, I looked up, my eye glowing blue and yellow.
I could feel the power rushing through my arm, to my hand, to my face, to my entire body.
Of course, the child took a step forward- even if they hadn't, I would've dragged them forward.
In another timeline, I would've said more, but I just used my attack.
I may be powerful, but I'm still fair.
The kid, managing to dodge my attack, attacks me back.
Shifting to the side, it's obvious they miss, "what? You think I'm just gonna stand there and take it?"
Frisk nods, a menacing grin on their lips. Their eyes seem different...
Something is off, but I no longer care.

We battle back and forth for a while, I know they're tired, but I'm not.
I could do this for the rest of eternity, there's no way they can continue, can't get past me, not at all.
It's just not happening....

Boy, they're really determined...

Wearing me down....

How many times is this child going to come back...

It's like...

THey enjOy thIs...

'.........So... Guess that's it, huh?'
My body is colder than usual, the red pouring out my jacket, '... just... don't say I didn't warn you.'
Turning away, shifting along the floor, 'Welp. I'm going to Grillby's. Papyrus, do you want anything?'

'Sans... Your... Here.'
AdoptableMakerz Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll handle it if you want?

I used to have an adopt account that literally only sold "write to adopt" things, but it's long been deactivated (and all the images deleted, rip)

But I know how to man these things, I judge by

and how well it can keep people interested

It's fine if you choose someone to just help or something, but if you want to hand the contest over to me, I'm completely happy with that! ((you would have to give the points to the winner though, I just spent all mine on commissions LOL))
mistress-of-the-nigh Featured By Owner 1 day ago
just use random urg thing
iixAdopts Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would help but have entered! You can remove my number, you choose!
xMiniMoo Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
:iconmadmalitian: this person needs a judge could you help cesar? (im just linking my friend here)
percent0 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Hello! I'd offer to help I'm used to reading over written submissions and I have a clear guideline on what to look for in written works so if you do need help I'm willing to lend a hand. If you have more than enough judges but still need a guideline. 

Here's the guideline I have: 

Written Style: (Basically do you like how someone told the story overall/tone)
Flow: (There's a lackc of awkward breaks in between each scene/transition) 
Characterization: (How characters are portrayed in relation to one another) 
Linger(optional): (What story stays in your mind at the end of the day) 
Randoodo Featured By Owner 2 days ago
aww thats kinda sad i really wanted this fella but i guess ill help since you seem under stress :3
w33kday Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Anyone win yet?
brodoyouevenfondue Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'd help if you wanted!
KaidahTheDragon Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I could definitely lend a hand if that's alright! 
AstroFlame1 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I like that idea! It's fair.
the1lady-in-red Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you I figured it might possibly make it easier for her/him to deiced if she/he could pick more than one winner.  
AstroFlame1 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
the1lady-in-red Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes I am haha! 

I take it you are one as well? 

Should I put together a list just to have it in case she actually likes my idea to help her? o-o even then maybe it might help her keep track of how many people entered? 

I wanna help idk how tho ;-;
AstroFlame1 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
And yes I am- so are some of my friends! 
the1lady-in-red Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha maybe I should make some art. I played it a few years ago xD the storyline was sooo good wish he did something else with it ;-; 

Did you ever hear of the green ending (I believe that was what it was called)
AstroFlame1 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
No, I don't think so o.o
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5FriendsLotsOfCrazy Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
*hands a bunch of snacks and comfort items/food* feel better senpai
ColossalDick Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Submitted on
September 26, 2016

"I'm going to finish it in 1 or 2 months"

Stop wasting your time, this is probably closed.
AdoptableMakerz Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The word "probably" is what people are hanging onto tbh.
AstroFlame1 Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago
I'm not good at fan fiction... Well, here I go 😔
"we don't have a dog"
The tall skeleton monster stood there a moment, thinking of all his possible exits. Then, all of the sudden, there was a glass shatter. He jumped out the window!
"sorry, but i'm afraid to crack another joke."
Way out in the distance, there was a faint "OH MY GOD SANS"
Hmm. He was all alone now. No brother ((in the house at least. Good riddance to bad trash! "that's my brother you're talking about" Sorry-)) After a few seconds, it finally hit him. (Not literally of course)He was completely alone. Something like this had happened before, but he couldn't figure out what. Sans started to feel anxious after about three minutes. What if he fell through the bridge? Or got lost in the snow? Or got captured by a human? Or or- Wait! That's right! Papyrus has a phone! The short stack of bones reached into his jacket pocket, and grabbed a phone. He started to punch in Papyrus's number. (386)2- No. He couldn't do this. Just let him be, sans. Sans decided to go wander around Snowdin a bit. He walked across the velvet carpet, over to the door. Slowly turning the knob, Sans felt a breeze of cool air. This was nice. Out on the porch, he spotted a set of his brothers footprints, and a longing to follow them.. but he couldn't. He'd seem overprotective (he was). Maybe he should just wander out in the woods a little. Hm? What was that? He thought he had seen a human walking, but maybe not. Sans stopped in a small clearing, and flopped onto the snow. He lay there, slowly getting tired.. sleepy.. almost asleep.. it was his nap time anyways. Almost as soon as he shut his eyes, a pair of red ones stared into them. Probably not. It's sleep time.
"Hey Sansy~" said an echoing voice. "wh-" Someone placed a finger on his mouth. "This is my secret room, where I do... bad things to people." She paused. No, Chara paused. "NO NO NO NO! NOT THAT KIND OF BAD! WHAT A DIRTY MINDED FREAK YOU ARE!""Hmph! A-anyways."
"Lets have some fun, shall we?" Sans attempted to just slam her against the wall, but failed as he was strapped down against the chair. He found he wasn't able to move a muscle, or rather, bone, in his body. And then he felt it. A slit on his neck. A sharp pain on his arm, as Chara just finished slowly dragging her knife out of it. She smiled. How could the child possibly be enjoying this? This is so- bad. He was having a rather bad time if you ask me. Sans stared at her for a moment. Then, she shoved her knife as far into his chest as possible, and tried to wiggle it out, failing miserably. Chara ripped to the side, then to the right, up, down, and finally yanked the knife out, sending a shower of blood everywhere. "How do skeletons bleed actually? I don't know, but they sure do have a skeleton of blood." Chara giggled before jabbing the knife down into Sans's skull. She jabbed it again, yanked it out, and then jabbed it. Yank, jab, blood, repeat. That was her method. He didn't scream throughout all this. Why, you might ask? Well, he was dead. He had been dead from blood loss when she cut his neck. She was just mutilating his corpse. Chara suddenly took a match, and set it alight. The fire seemed to glisten, before the corpse was burning. It managed to burn to ash. She mixed some blood and ash in several different glasses, and slammed down a canvas. On the canvas, Chara painted a picture of Sans and papyrus, using the blood ash mixture as paint. What a lovely piece of artwork she had made! It was amazing! Sans was all black, representing he was dead, and underneath Papyrus's side of the painting, in only blood, Chara wrote "I guess you're sans a brother now, huh?"
Tea-Lova Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much for this opportunity Heart 
I have a shit-tonne of homework, so please excuse my sloppy writing-
I also hope to win this bab because their so damn cute Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
So... ENJOY ;D
Bone-tired after a long day of doing nothing, sans slumped onto his bed. His cold, flat mattress wasn't all that comforting, but it was enough for him to be able to be at peace for a moment. Not a minute after sans had finally fallen asleep, a bright light illuminated his room. "SANS! YOU LAZYBONES! GET UP! IT'S TIME TO GO!!!" Sans rubbed his eyesockets, and looked at his brother, a sense of confusion coming off of him. "Time to go?" he asked, stretching his forever exhausted bones. "TO FRISK!!!" Papyrus stomped his boots and shook his fists. Chuckling, sans got up, zipped his jacket & headed out with his brother to see their favourite human.

Frisk looked at her soaking-wet boots and giggled. Her small yellow umbrella barely covered her from the rain, but it was enough not to let her wooly jumper get too wet.
by now, on most days, Toriel would've begun driving Frisk home, and baked her a Butterscotch pie to warm her up. Unfortunately, as the busy teacher she was, Toriel was grading her classes homework, and wasn't going to be able to even get up from her desk for at least a few hours. Hearing this news, Frisk had suggested that she'd be picked up by Papyrus and sans, and spend a few hours with them.
Smiling at her reflection, frisk's thoughts were interrupted-
Looking up, Frisk was greeted to a lightning-fast skeleton bolting towards her. Papyrus scooped Frisk up in a hug, causing frisk's umbrella to fall down, making her Jumper and hair fully soaked. she didn't care, she was so overfilled with joy to see Papyrus. After a minute of tight hugs, Sans tapped Frisk's shoulder, scuffing up her hair.
The three of them took one of san's "shortcuts" to Papyrus's house, cooked spaghetti, played puzzles and word-scramble, and fell asleep.
When Toriel came to pick up Frisk, she just didn't have the heart to wake them.
Instead, she cleaned up their house, put a blanket over the three, left three small slices of leftover pie by their pet rock, left a note and let frisk sleepover with the skeleton brothers.

I felt like the end was too rushed but I hope it was good enough ;-;
Once again, I have a lot of work to do, so I don't really have any time to revise it, but I hope you enjoyed the story!
CheakyCreature Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol u make something I want so badly but when u make it I'm outta the fandom....
Randoodo Featured By Owner 4 days ago
how did u make the taill
Randoodo Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Ima try 
SANS! shouted papyrus, Sans was up in the tree it startled him and he fall off *AHHH he yelled Papyrus came running to see what happened and groaned YOU'VE BEEN SLEEPING ON THE BRANCHES SO I CANT FIND YOU AGAIN!!!!! 
"sorry pap" *yawned sans as he layed on the ground* *papyrus picked him up and said NEXT TIME YOU SLEEP,DO IT ON THE COUCH?"
Hehe yawned sans Frisk came over and said "P-papyrus can we build the snowman now?"
i can do it my self pap o///o
NO YOU CANT SANS YOU WOULD FALL AND SLEEP ON THE FLOOR *Frisk giggled and sans looked embarresed*
Hey! Papyrus,Frisk! Undyne and Alphys were coming and Undyne seems to be mad at Papyrus
WHATS WRONG GUYS? "Asked papyrus*
We have been waiting for about forever *sighed alphys*
SORRY GUYS! *Said Papyrus as he looked at sans in his hands*
*Sans seemed to be sleeping*
aww says frisk and sans yawned 
Pupy-is-boo Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
i actually really liek the adopt ;A;
itz so dreamy!
Pupy-is-boo Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
so i supposed to maek story of sans and papyrus? :0
Violeta-Adopts Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pupy-is-boo Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
maybe i no so gud but here goez nuthin
dis maybe liek a childrenz book itz just dat i am haz inspired and also weird

"hello sans!" said papyrus "hello papyrus" said sans "isn't it a bee-utiful day?" said sans continuing "yes,yes it is" papyrus replied.
"did you know? they are opening a new skele-store?" sans replied with a trolllish smile "no not really where'd you find it?" papyrus replied with a suspicious look
"in the new-news" sans replied "sans, stop joking around no time for games we need to capture the human!" said papyrus with a brave look and pose "but were is the human?" replied sans
"right there!" papyrus pointed in front "i don't have eyeballs" replied sans "sans,please WE HAVE TO!" replied papyrus "meh if you say so, but i can't see it" said sans "papyrus...?" said sans
Papyrus walked right in front of the human and said "BOO I'M GONNA CATCH YOU HUMAN" shouted papyrus, The human was surprised and shakes his hand as a greeting. "hello" said the human
Papyrus said nothing for a few minutes but then said: "RIGHT HUMAN YOU ARE GOING TO FIGHT ME AND YOUR GOING TO LIKE IT" said papyrus "i don't like fighting" said the human "well, here goes
the soft human" said papyrus "ey papyrus let me take care of this." said sans "NO I HAVE TO FIGHT THIS HUMAN BUT IT IS MAKING EXCUSES" shouted papyrus "calm down papyrus, if the human doesn't want
to fight then don't fight it." said sans "BU-" papyrus noticed that the human was gone... "good bye skeletons" said the human walking away "OI COME BACK HERE HUMAN!" as papyrus ran after the human
"woah their buddy" as sans pulled papyrus's scarf "BUT I HAVE TO CAPTURE IT" shouted papyrus "papyrus, the human did no harm the human just said hello and walked away. Can't you just make friends with the human instead of fighting it?" said sans "hmm" said papyrus "yes i think your right sans! I will make friends with the human!" said papyrus again and said again "wait human come back! I want to be your friend!" said papyrus chasing the human then papyrus found the human and was in front of the human, but the human didn't notice and papyrus then said: "STOP!" and the human fell down on the rocky,solid strong floor. The human got hurt and got a big bruise and blood dripping a little "oh no!" said papyrus "i am so so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you human!" said papyrus "its fine" said the human "it'll get better soon" said the human again "i'm very glad to hear that! Also what is your name human?" said papyrus "my name? My name is frisk, And whats your name?" said the human "what a beautiful name! Oh and my name is the great papyrus!" said papyrus "thank you, well that's a beautiful name too." replied the human happily "thank you too! And can we be friends?!" said papyrus "your welcome and sure thing!" said the human happily "yupee!" said papyrus and hugged the human in a very friendly way

The end.
I know itz short but i can make part 2 if chu liek ;v;
i tried to make it funny,gore,cute and heartwarming ;;
AndreaJens Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not here to post an Undertale fanfiction, since I'm quite bad at them :D I just wanted to say that I like the design of this creature and i was wondering if there was any sort of backstory behind its conception :) It's kinda cute =D
Violeta-Adopts Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll try!
Purple Stripe Divider
On a very very cold night, Sans and Papyrus were walking down an old road. They both passed a sign ,with white bold letters across a army green color, the sign said DO NOT PASS. Papyrus as him self just passed the sign. But did he know, there someone watching.. The mysterious person in a tree pulled a green lever to blend in as Papyrus fell threw the floor. Sans raised a brow at the trap door, "Why brother is a numbskull." Papyrus screeched as he fell down into the black hole, that flew him into a big pile of hay. He sighed and called Sans to jump down. Sans shook his head, and hopped down carefully. "Don't wanna break any bones." Papyrus rolled his eyes and continued to explore the damp room. They both searched threw the hay Papyrus landed on, and found a trombone. "Whats a skeleton's favorite musical instrument?" Papyrus's right hand turned into a fist. "A trombone!!" Sans laughed, "Huehuehue!!" Papyrus slammed his fist into San's fluffy coat. Sans didn't feel a thing, so no harm was done..
Purple Stripe Divider
I hope you like it! :)
w33kday Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
( Just to warn you i'm bad at writing ) Papyrus felt the ice slipping under her paws ( Feet? ). He/she jumped up on the a high rock and had wondered how he/she had got into this. Papyrus jumped onto multiple rocks until he/she knew it was safe to escape. He/she had not known he beauty inside her/his eyes. Papyrus sighed, Does anyone in this world love me? A dove swooped over her/his head and papyrus had thought the dove was trying to show her something. She/he wondered where she/he was going. She had entered a world of blue roses and joy. ...The end I could add more later
Ballet-Adopts Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, i'm new here to Deviantart and just figured out OCs are a thing.. huh i should probably get a feline or canine but heres a try! :happy:

Sans quickly turned to Papyrus. Sans repeated again, "Ketchup to my level, kid." Papyrus turned to him, "HEAHHE?! I AM MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE B-" Sans laughed, "Huehuehuehue."GEEETTTTTTT DUNKED ON!!!!! Papyrus rolled his eyes and sighed. "Back down to capturing that child." Papyrus smirked at Sans as Sans smiled.Sans Chat Icon 2 They continued to walk down a narrow bridge across some blue misty waters. "Hey, why did the skeleton cros-" Papyrus stopped him and spoke with a tone of anger, "END THAT JOKE, I DARE YOU, I WILL END YOU RIGHT HERE!" Sans did that same quirky face he always does.


Kinda short but y'know, whatever.Sans Shrug 
Caaeii Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Spaghetti king?
Sans: Hay paps, what ya up to?
Papyrus: I AM PREPARING TO BECOME THE KING OF SPAGHETTI, though I don't think I really need to train as i AM the BEST, don't you think sans?
Sans: (sarcastic) Oh paps you ARE the best you DON'T need to train!
10 minutes later...
Sans: Paps... I was joking, you need to train until your skull pops with flavor...
Papyrus: But... But, it already does... :(
Sans: Too bad, and it seems like the King is not you after all.
Papyrus: But... Who then...?
Sans: The Spaghetti King of course.
Papyrus: Oh my! I should never have tried to beat the Spaghetti King to over thrown him! But wait.... Who IS The Spaghetti King...?
Sans: Sans Spaghetti (walks away)
Sans: Nope.
Papyrus: SANS!!!!! *chases after* 
1 minute later
Papyrus: *walks back home* Sigh... I forgot my spaghetti hat...
Lurantii Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017  New Deviant Student Artist
Am I Late? Cause I Would Really Like To Adopt Dis Cutie ;w;
Violeta-Adopts Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
not at all just write a short story about the famous hit game, undertale with the sans and papi!
Archaitte Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
A few people have been asking if this was still open, but I'm just gonna wing an entry anyways because this cutie is too adorable not to. ; v ; If it's closed then I hope you enjoy the fic nonetheless, though~

You feel the sins of your past crawling up your back, suffocating you in an emotionally twisted embrace that you fought, not wanting to succumb to the pain and torture of it all but, at the same time, wishing for nothing but the feeling of calm release to let you escape this never-ending nightmare.

But, you knew, nothing would be calm about it- death was strange and jarring, and the feeling of your soul separating from reality was painful enough to make you wince with the mere thought of it, even though such thoughts supplied no feeling.

You knew you couldn't run- but, by God or whoever thought this cruel game was funny, that's all you seemed to be able to do.

Opening your eyes to the blinding white forest, the cold, bitter earth below you biting into your skin and legs, you breathe in the sharp air and stare at the vast forestry around you, knowing each tree by name. You had come through this path a million times before, walked this cold, barren path a million times before, and yet still you dreaded the moment where he would follow you silently, breaking a twig just to spite you, and then act as if everything in the past had not happened. You didn't know why he refused to acknowledge the previous timelines you fought for him and against him, but you've seen him grow more and more closed off from you throughout them all, so you knew he remembered.

It made you feel so alone.

You didn't understand this strange power you had over this world. It first happened as a mere accident- you had died fighting Undyne, much to your own dismay, and awoke to a brightly lit yellow sign bearing the single word "RESET". Alone, confused, and in tremendous pain, you looked behind you, peering into the dark abyss of nothingness that surely was your only other option. Fearing the inky blackness that choked you with each passing moment, you lay your small hand on top of the sign, feeling the cool glass seep into your skin. The world you were in grew bright, and you shielded your eyes with your other hand, yelping when you felt a gut-wrenching pull at your soul and everything spinning downwards with the speed of light itself. The world blackened and you fell unconscious, mind blank and soul dry. You awoke to pale yellow flowers and a pinging pain in your side, and the unavoidable memory of the event happening before.

It had been- what- 88 timelines since then? More or less, you mumble to yourself, drawing a flower in the soft snow. 28 timelines and you still hadn't figured out what it is, exactly, you can do, nor why Sans seems to remember it all. It almost makes you feel bad for him, having to live through every timeline, including the ones Chara took control in. Those were the times you gave up, wanting nothing other than to leave the Underground and all the broken and detached memories lying within it.

almost felt bad.

He had killed you in those times that Chara took over, which, you guessed, was reasonable. What you didn't find reasonable was the fact that he had killed you for over 16 timelines past that, even though you started ignoring Chara. Even though you tried apologizing. Even though you cried out to him, tears soaking your warm cheeks, your voice broken because of your honest grief.

You stopped trying after that, taking more a liking to staying in the cold, barren woods like you did now, drawing pictures in the snow and eventually dying of starvation. It was pathetic and you knew it, but you'd do it a million more times if that meant that Sans would stop hating you, even though Chara said he never would. You had hope and determination, and that fueled you enough to keep pressing that golden sign instead of walking down the dark, empty path given to you.

You sigh, a puff of white air breezing from your lips as you drew an upside down smile into the downy floor, curling into yourself more and feeling the familiar pull of exhaustion sweep over you like a dove. Or maybe a big black crow. You push the thought aside and look up at the dark, glittering cave roof high above you, wishing it was the night sky. Wishing you were home. Wishing you could be friends with the small blue skeleton again because, if you were honest with yourself, you missed the companionship that he provided in the earlier timelines. He was funny and cunning, perfect for entertaining a kid like yourself, and used to always be level and honest with you. Your soul pulled with the memories and you felt your chin wobble in sorrow, a quiet whimper escaping your cold, blue lips. You hurt physically, but it was never anything like the way you hurt inside- so bad that even Chara stopped talking to give you time to try to cope. You didn't know whether that was good or bad, but it didn't matter anyways, you suppose as you close your eyes and rest your head on your knees, letting the dovecrow finally settle over you in a dark, dreamless slumber.

You jerk awake, the memory of bones and the color blue haunting your vision as you look around the landscape in a rush of adrenaline and fear before settling back down into a slumped position on the cold earth. You faintly hear Chara's sadistic giggles at your paranoia as you rise for the first time in a long time, your joints popping with the unused action, making you wince. You, after contemplating the action for several long and lonely timelines, finally decide to walk the beaten path like you once did when you first arrived.

'why?' You hear Chara's stale voice cut clear through your mind, but you shake it away. You wanted to do this because of nostalgia and the hope that maybe after so many timelines of not coming in contact with each other Sans would forgive you. Maybe you would forgive yourself as well.

Snow crunching under your worn boots, you find the beaten path you'd travelled down for so many timelines with ease. You peer up at the large stone doors that Toriel resided behind, missing her warmth, and leave it behind, walking forward in the direction of the gated bridge you had slipped through a thousand times. The stick on the ground comes up quickly and you step on it for good measure, not wanting to know if Sans was following you. You dreaded the moment you would see him, though it was only because of the fear you had of him. Being killed over and over by someone does that to you.

Your thoughts distract you for so long that you jump in surprise when the ground changes from a muddy brown to the cool, tan surface of wood. You made it to the bridge. You should be happy, or even relieved.

You only felt disappointment.

Chara mocked you from inside your head as you stood at the bridge, taking in the failed barrier to keep humans like you away. Maybe you had sat for too long... Or maybe he gave up on you. You didn't know if he was still part of the guard after all these timelines of having the time to think about what he wanted to do with his life, or lack-there-of. Sighing, you watch the frosty cloud dissolve into the chilled air, and flinch as you feel a familiar chill shudder down your spine. Eyes burned holes into your back, but instead of freezing in fear like you had done so many times, you turn around to face the inevitable, hope pounding in your soul like a song without an end.

His eyes were pure white, brighter than the snow that surrounded you, and he held his never-fading grin with hesitation but with the same hope you did.

A hope for a tomorrow.
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Papyrus hated how his brother seemed to disappear. Whether they were standing in the woods, or trying to make a new puzzle... His brother tended to... simply 'wander' off. Well. Wander wasn't the right word... It was more.. Sneaking away than anything. Not to mention his clothing choices have changed.
Frisk slowly walked over the bridge, the wood creaking---? It appeared to be making a groaning noise, despite the lack of rope holding it together. Where was Sans? They quickly hopped off onto the other side, gaze on the lookout for the funny-boned skeleton. A pink shred of fabric peeked out from behind a tree, watching as Frisk walked closer.... and then it was gone..??? 

Puzzled, Frisk walked on to hopefully meet Sans at his sentry station, only to find the usual ketchup and relish replaced with what appeared to be photos...? Before they could pick any of them up, Sans appeared in a flash, sweatdrops pouring down his face as he adjusted his blue hoodie. "*H-Heya, kid..! What'cha looking for?" He pretends that there's nothing under the counter, hoping that Frisk would buy it. Quickly signing to him, Frisk points at the empty space under the counter of the sentry station. Empty counter?? What the heck?? 

If that couldn't have gone worse, Papyrus barged in on cue, only to see Sans hiding something behind his back. Narrowing his eyesockets, Papyrus approached his brother. "SANS... YOU DON'T LOOK WELL.. WHAT'S WITH ALL THE SWEATINESS??" 

Sans only became sweatier, and Papyrus' eyesockets became narrower.
"*Y-You see, Paps... LOOK! A HUMAN!" 

Whirling around with excitement, Papyrus squeals, only to find... A misshapen lamp. "EXCELLENT... JOB, SANS. AN EXCELLENT.... JAPE." He groans, greatly disappointed. "SANS?" 

Where Sans had stood, there was a set of large footprints and a set of smaller footprints behind those. Perhaps... Sans had grown two more legs and was embarrassed?? "SANS?" Papyrus called out into the expanse of snowy woodland. "I DO NOT FIND YOUR EXTRA LEGS EMBARRASSING, SANS!"
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